Business, Language and Intercultural Mediation Services

Business implementation between Italian and foreign Enterprises trough Project Management, Premium translating and interpreting services, intercultural services, language courses for expatriate managers and costumer services in Italy and abroad. Cultural differences don't create obstacles, they produce synergistic effects! 

Translation and Interpreting


- Business, technical, legal     and general translations

- Certified translations

- Interpreting

- Cultural mediation

- Text writing (Italian/

- Proofreading
- Website localisation/ 


Intercultural Trainings


- Intercultural Trainings for  

  Italy and Germany

- Cross culture awareness


- Intercultural seminars/


- Intercultural Coaching

- Intercultural team building


Italian Language Courses for Business


- Basic user levels A1, A2

- Independent user levels B1,


- Proficient user levels C1, C2

- Specialised language


- Language Coaching

Customer Services


- Language and bureaucratic   services for foreign business   people

- Language/cultural mediation

- Interim management 

- Product development Mana-

  gement leather accessories

- Pre-selection HR for your

  business in Italy

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We are what we do

We, our values, our competences

A network of italian and foreign professionalists (translators, interprets, philologists, experts in commercial law, lawyers, technicians, managers, food-experts, wine-making experts) who have been working for 15 years in Italy and abroad. The concept of interculturalism and daily interaction in the field of international activities is an integral part of our way of being and acting and it constitutes the alpha and omega of our service offers. Food For Mind represents in respect of this the common ground in which know-how and several years' professional experience in different sectors, both in Italy and abroad, converge and allows us to provide a high quality, in line with the most proven european standards service tailored to your specific requirements.

Language and cultural mediation
Language and cultural mediation
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ProfessiProfessional advice and cust
ProfessiProfessional advice and cust
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Trainings and workshops
Trainings and workshops
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