Intercultural Training and Slow Food Culture for Italian and foreign Managers


Intercultural training focus Italy


Villa Flora in the region Campania, Alta Valle del Sele with Restaurant.


2. Lunchs: fix tree-courses-menu.

2 Dinners: Local wine & Local food Tasting + two-courses and dessert.


On January 15th-16th 2020 (2 full days.) - Arrival evening before.

Registration deadline


minimum number of participants required 10 pers., max. 20 pers.


€ 1.020 p/p.

Accommodation price included.

The event will take place if the minimum of partecipants will be achieved on 22-11--2020.

How to participate to the Event

For your registration please send us an e-mail and just ask for registration form, event programm and terms of partecipation.

Speakers and Trainers

Food For Mind's members + italian and foreign intercultural trainers, italian and foreign expatriates.

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